Once you have mastered your networking strategies on expanding your website audience by liking pages on a daily basis and interacting in their posts, you will want to begin posting your own unique content. A great way to begin doing this is by sharing the marketing tools our team has already provided for you.  

For this example, we will upload a Virtual Business Card. The same concept goes for a QR Code, Grand Opening Ad, Infographics, Product Promo's, etc. 

Step One:  Begin by logging into your Twitter account here. 

Step Two:  There are two places to post a new Tweet on Twitter. Either by clicking > Tweet, or where it says > What's Happening


Step Three:  This will allow you to Compose a new Tweet.

To add a marketing graphic, Click the Square Icon:


Step Four: This will open up your computer files, be sure that you have saved the marketing graphics into your downloads.

1. Click on the Downloads folder

2. Select the graphic you want to upload

3. Click > Open


Step Five:  Your image will open up here, giving you the opportunity to add your own commentary about this graphic before publishing it. 

1. Click > What's happening

2. Write something you would like to share regarding the graphic you're posting.

For example, if you're sharing your Virtual Business Card, saying , " Thanks for following along, take a peak at our business card or visit us online at..."

3. Click > Tweet ( when you are ready to share with your Twitter audience)



- Great Job on posting your first graphic to Twitter -